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  • Regular Board Meeting Calendar

            2019-2020 school year:

    • September 16, 2019  6:30pm
    • October 21, 2019 6:30pm
    • November 18, 2019  6:30pm 
    • December 16, 2019  6:30pm
    • January 27, 2020 6:30pm
    • February 24, 2020    6:30pm
    • March 16, 2020 6:30pm
    • April 20, 2020 6:30pm
    • May 18, 2020 6:30pm
    • June 15, 2020 6:30pm
    • July 27, 2020   6:30pm
    • August 17, 2020   4:30pm


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  • Reminder

    Due to safety concerns and lack of supervision, students should not be on campus before 8:00am or after school - unless they are participating in a school-related function.


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  • Welcome to
    Mary Walker School District No. 207
     GO, CHARGERS !!!


    Important Updates !
    School Start Time - Grades 6 - 12, Classes will begin at 8:25 am 
     Full Day on Friday, August 30th - Friday Early Release will begin 9/6/2019
    A big THANK YOU to Springdale and Loon Lake Community Clinics for providing FREE vaccinations and sports physicals for our students! 

    Surplus Sale

    Everyone's a student, a teacher and a winner!  Our 5th-graders are busy here showing off their presentations to our 3rd- and 4th-graders about the 'spheres':  biospheres, geospheres, hydrospheres and atmospheres.  Do you know the difference?  They sure did!  Fantastic job, everyone!
    5th grade science

    Words for Thought
    Shared by Rick Winters, Superintendent

    “Emma” wasn’t doing well academically. Her teachers said she was engaged in the lessons but retained nothing. A home visit by the elementary school social worker revealed that her parents left for work before she got up, and Emma was supposed to eat breakfast at school. But during a full-day observation, it was noted that she ate nothing in the morning and nothing at lunch.

    Most classrooms have a child somewhat like Emma. It might be a student who does well on tests and assignments but often leaves excessive eraser marks because he is prone to perfectionism. Or there might be one who is late to school because of reoccurring stomachaches and often plays alone because she doesn’t feel that other children like her.

    These are the students who, like Emma, get their schoolwork done and don’t create problems for others. But caring and observant adults at home or school might have a nagging feeling about needing to do something more.

    Compassionate grown-ups seeing one of these children with just a few problems may hope that the youngster will “grow out of it’’ with a little love and extra attention. But for children like these, waiting, watching, and hoping is not the ideal option. These concerns may remain the same or even get worse as students move to middle school. Other options are more likely to promote effective coping strategies now and in the future.

    New this year ...
    for 6th -12th grade students.

    Friendly Reminder:
    Fridays are early release this year
    no more late-start Mondays.

    We are located in Springdale, Washington, a rural community in the northeast part of the State.  In addition to Springdale Preschool (traditional and ECEAP), our district consists of three (3) traditional schools:  Springdale Elementary (K-5), Springdale Middle School (6-8) and Mary Walker High School (9-12).  Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) education is also available.

    Air Quality Information and Resources

    Listed below are helpful resources to determine air quality status, activity recommendations, and ways to improve air quality within school buildings.   


    Our Vision
    Prepare all students for learning at the post-secondary level.

    Message from our Superintendent

    Every school year is a chance to begin a fresh start, with new goals, high expectations and wonderful plans for the future. Together I hope we will improve instruction, increase student learning, develop a pleasant environment and have a safe school year.

    Our Schools are committed to helping all children develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes fundamental to achieving individual satisfaction and to becoming responsible, contributing citizens. The District promotes the development of intellectual, physical and creative competencies and skills of all students to reach their highest potential.

    As superintendent, my vision is that every member of this district have access to resources that will provide the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skill and ability to achieve the level of success each member desires, in the endeavor they choose to pursue. Our goals, expectations and initiatives are designed to facilitate the achievement of that endeavor for each of us.

    A caring and collaborative professional environment, high quality leadership, curriculum and goal alignment, focused intentional instruction with comprehensive data analysis of teaching and learning will prove most important in assisting us to continually meet the obligations of meeting today’s challenges.

    As superintendent, I will promote and facilitate goal alignment within the admin team and attempt to relay to the staff proper communication for continued success in meeting the needs of all of our students.


    Rick L. Winters, Superintendent