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    Students Continue to Eat Free
    in 2016-2017

    Once again, all enrolled Mary Walker School District (MWSD) students will eat for free this school year!  As you may recall, we were approved by the State of Washington for ”Provisional 2” — which means free breakfast and lunch meals for all District students, regardless of family income!  Extra milk, “second meal”, extra juice, etc., will continue to be available to students for an additional charge. 

    The breakfast and lunch meals meeting USDA requirements will once again be offered free to each enrolled student from the first day of school.  Since the District met the State’s criteria for Provisional 2 for the 2011‑2012 school year, and has since applied for and received an extension, we are able to continue to provide free meals to students — through the 2018-2019 school year — all without the need to submit applications!

    Our District follows the nutritional guidelines set forth by  Federal and State agencies.  Mary Walker School District’s Cafeteria Supervisor will strive to continue providing students with nutritious and delicious breakfast and lunch offerings. 

    The monthly meal menu will continue to be available at the school building offices so that parents can plan their child(ren)’s meal choices.  If you have any questions, please contact the MWSD Cafeteria (258-4731). 
    Please be sure to notify the School Nurse and the Cafeteria Supervisor of any food allergy your child suffers from.
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Last Modified on May 25, 2017