• Student Assistant Specialist

     Barbara Fincher, M.ED, CDP


    Mary Walker School District is continuing the Student Assistance Program again this year and is supported by the state, NEWESD101, and the Mary Walker School District.  The Student Assistance Specialist provides alcohol, nicotine, and other drug prevention and intervention services to students and the community.  The following goals have been established:

    • To reduce the development of alcohol, nicotine, and other drug abuse among students
    • To reduce the incidences of alcohol and other drug related problemsamong students
    • To improve school performance and foster academic success


    Barbara Fincher is the Student Assistance Specialist at Mary Walker School District and serves grades 6-12.  If you or your student are interested in talking with her, please call (509)258-4738 or see her at her office, which is located in the Elementary / Middle School (K8) Building.