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    2018-2019 School Year Calendar (Adopted April 16, 2018)

    School Calendar Change: 
    Snow Make-Up Days for January Closures
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    In January, school closed for 2 (two) days (Monday, January 7th and Wednesday, January 9th) due to snow and ice conditions that we felt made travel unsafe for our students, their parents and our staff.  As you know, the 2018-2019 school year calendar included only two (2) snow days:  Friday, March 15th and Friday, May 3rd. 
    At their regular monthly meeting on January 15, 2019, the Board of Directors of Mary Walker School District voted unanimously to change the school calendar by 'using' the 2 (two) snow days to make-up for the January closures ... so, school will be in session March 15th and May 3rd.
    As you may remember, school was also closed for a third day (Tuesday, February 12th) due to snow and ice conditions ... and it's still snowing! 
    Our School Board and administrative staff are working together to determine the best approach to make-up the February 12th date, and are preparing for the possibility of adding additional snow make-up dates.

Last Modified on February 27, 2019