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    From the Former Superintendent

    I believe in a lot of ways the children of our community have been fortunate. Historically, our community has provided for its children in ways that clearly demonstrate concern for their well-being and personal development. The Springdale area has invested in its youngest residents, and evidence is found in everything from quality local schools, to playgrounds, to the community center. In most towns, the prominent role of children is unmistakable in parades, youth leagues, and social and religious organizations. Thumb through the local newspapers and you will see all the articles that center on the activities and accomplishments of youngsters.

    In some communities children are considered a liability and not an asset . You can find community developments that allow pets, but don’t allow children. In the southwest, I have heard about retirement communities that don’t allow children, or they prohibit school-age children from being outside after sunset. They have no public schools and they have made it clear that the proper place for children is somewhere else.


    It is different here, where our students go on outings to the Lucky Duck Pond, there are street signs that advise people to drive slowly because our children may be playing and our students are supported very well at school extra-curricular activities.  These are constant reminders to all that our community cherishes its youngest citizens.


    Thank you for continuing to support the services and opportunities that have made the Springdale area a place that considers children an asset to the community.


    Kevin Jacka, Former Superintendent

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Last Modified on September 29, 2017