• MWHS Staff Emails

    Matt Cobb, Principal  mcobb@marywalker.org                                                                    

    Mike Bettinson, Math,Foods.   mbettinson@marywalker.org

    Christine Cannon, Secretary.  ccannon@marywalker.org                                                      

    Pam Holt, Art     pholt@marywalker.org

    Rick Johnson, PE/History.   rjohnson@marywalker.org                                                        

    Haik Rainey,  Math, Health.    hrainey@marywalker.org

    Gail Shelton, Drama,English,Spanish.   gshelton@marywalker.org                                        

    Matt Gines, VocAg, Metals.    mgines@marywalker.org

    Allen Allen, SpEd.   aallen@@marywalker.org                                                                    

    Vince Moeller, Science.   vmoeller@marywalker.org

    Wendy Peone, English, Psych.    wpeone@marywalker.org                                                  

    Jocelynne Medenwaldt, Counselor.    jmedenwaldt@marywalker.org

    DeeDee Buche, Para.    dbuche@marywalker.org

    Tammy O'Neal, Para.   to'neal@marywalker.org

    Vicky Greer, Para.   vgreer@marywalker.org

    Angie Rose, ISS.   arose@marywalker.org

    Grading Policy for MWHS direct from the State of WA OSPI -

    Chris Reykdal 


    During school facility closures, Superintendent Reykdal has eliminated pass/fail grading as a matter of state policy. Student learning and grading for the remainder of the school facility closure will focus on the following framework:

    • Students in grades K–8 will be challenged to demonstrate effort and success in learning standards established by their teachers. Students will move on to the next grade, unless by mutual agreement between parents/guardians and teachers they agree to repeat a grade or a portion of learning missed. Districts will retain complete decision-making on middle school grading practices for students not taking high school credit-bearing courses.
    • Grades 9–12 and middle school students taking credit-bearing high school level work will be graded using the following principles:
      1. Do no harm!
      2. Every student will get an opportunity to improve their grade with their March 17 status as a baseline.
      3. No student will receive a “pass,” “fail,” or “no credit” grade for any course.
      4. Teachers will assign grades or assign an “incomplete” for students that cannot engage in an equitable way.
      5. Every class taken during the closure period will be given a statewide designator on the high school transcript to denote the unique environment in which the course was taken.
      6. Students assigned an “incomplete” for a course will be given opportunities to re-engage in the learning standards based on local school district decisions in consultation with the student/parents/guardians, including but not limited to:
        • Summer school,
        • Courses in the following term or year,
        • Independent study,
        • Competency-based courses,
        • Online courses, or
        • Backfilling the incomplete grade with the letter grade obtained in the next course taken in that subject area.
      7. All students will be given an opportunity to engage in continuous learning to maintain or improve their mastery of essential standards.

    This statewide framework will create more consistency across the state, but districts will still decide which letter grade system to use. However, “F’s” will not be an option. The full Student Learning & Grading Guidance document was published on April 21, 2020.

    Fall 2020 College Admission Info   College Info for Fall 2020


    "What is OTTERBOT?"                              



    Mary Walker High School Staff 2020 COVID19

    Suggested Learning Opportunities:


    MWHS Resources Page for Parents & Students



    • External Online Learning Resources

      Families are doing a great job of finding engaging and high-quality online learning resources and have shared many of them with us. To help provide additional external learning resources, staff reviewed over 200 educational online resource sites. 

      We have narrowed the list down to resources that are free and developmentally appropriate. Below you will find websites organized by topic area and to browse at your leisure.

      These external website resources are not directly aligned with MWSD curriculum or supplemental learning, but have been suggested by members of our community as fun and appropriate online resources for students.


      Science and Nature Websites

      San Diego Zoo Animal facts, stories, activities, and games for students.  

      Yellowstone National Park Information about the park, geology, wildlife, history, hydrothermal, and preservation.  

      Kids National Geographic  

      CK-12 Foundations Science, math, social studies, photography, and more lessons for K-12 students. 

      Mystery Science Science lessons for K-5.  

      EveryDay Earth Teaching Earth Science how students naturally learn.  

      Elemental Science Blog Science activities to elementary students to complete at home.  

      The Concord Consortium Free STEM activities for students of all ages. 

      NASA Kids Club Play games and learn about NASA.  

      Climate Kids NASA’s online learning about climate for kids.  

      Cells Alive! Learn about cells through interactive games and activities. 


      Visual and Performing Art 

      National Gallery of Art An introduction to art and art history for elementary students.  

      Chrome Music Lab Fun, hands on experiments for learning music.  

      Metropolitan Museum of Art for Kids Art history created for, with, and by kids.  

      The Louvre Virtual tours of art galleries and exhibits for students. 

      MusicTheory Music theory lessons and exercises for all students.  

      Kiwi Co At home crafts and projects for students of all ages. 

      Kids Think Design A kids design collaborative project.  



      Fun Brain Math and Reading activities for K-8 students. 

      MathScore Math practice and assessments for all grade levels.  

      ABCYa Math and reading activities for K-6 students. 

      Math Playground Math games for students in 1-6 grades.  

      Kodable Learning to code for K-5 students. 

      Freddy’s Fractions Practice fractions through a fun game.  


      Reading, English Language Arts, Spelling, Writing 

      Fun Brain Math and Reading activities for K-8 students.

      Starfall Online literacy games and activities for PreK-3 students. 

      Storyline Online Popular children’s books read by celebrities. 

      ABCYa Math and reading activities for K-6 students. 

      Classroom Cereal Grammar practice in free, printable short stories. 

      No Red Ink Writing and grammar lessons and activities for all students.

      Novel Effect Read aloud app and lessons for young students. 

      Paragraph Punch Students learn how to write paragraphs through online learning exercises. 

      Spelling Training Spelling exercises for elementary students.  


      History and Social Studies

      Bunk History Digital history archives

      CK-12 Foundations Science, math, social studies, photography, and more lessons for K-12 students.

      Country Reports Lessons about countries and cultures around the world.

      Mission US An interactive way to learn US history for elementary students.  

      Smithsonian Lessons from the museum and the zoo for kids. 

      Ben’s Guide to the US Government Follow Benjamin Franklin as he teaches students 4-14+ years old about the formation of the US government. 


      World Languages

      Rockalingua Music based Spanish learning for kids. 

      Chalk Academy Chinese and Korean learning activities for students of all ages. 

      Conjugeumos Learning activities and games for learning Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Latin, and more. 

      Duolingo Learn a language for free.  


      Web and Coding

      Free Code Camp Resources to learn how to code online. 

      Code Academy Learn how to code for free.

    Below are staff that will have resources linked to their names: 


    Applied Algebra - Mr. Bettinson                                                         Anatomy - Mr. Moeller

    Applied Geometry - Mr. Bettinson                                                      Integrated Science - Mr. Moeller

    Financial Math - Mr. Bettinson                                                           English 9 - Mrs. Peone

    Art - Mrs. Holt                                                                                 English 10 - Mrs. Peone

    US History - Mr. Johnson                                                                  C.I.H. English Comp - Mrs. Peone

    World History - Mr. Johnson                                                              Developmental Psych - Mrs. Peone

    Senior Gov't - Mr. Johnson  

    PE - Mr. Johnson.                                                                             Math 1 - Mrs. Rainey 

    Plant Science - Mr. Gines                                                                  Math 2 - Mrs. Rainey

    Natural Science - Mr. Gines                                                               Math 3 - Mrs. Rainey

    Welding - Mr. Gines                                                                          Calc - Mrs. Rainey

    Auto Maintenance - Mr. Gines                                                            Health - Mrs. Rainey

    English 11 - Mrs. Shelton                                                                  US History - Mr. Cobb

    English 12 - Mrs. Shelton                                                                  Algebra Foundations - Mr. Cobb

    Spanish I - Mrs. Shelton

    Spanish II - Mrs. Shelton

    C.I.H. Eng. Literature - Mrs. Shelton

    Drama - Mrs. Shelton




    Mary Walker High School

    School Improvement Plan 2019-20

    Principal: Matt Cobb

    Goal #1 - Student Growth on Graduation Level Standardized Testing: Pass Rate 80% ELA, 50% Math

    Action Strategies:

    • ●  Develop and support curriculum that prepares students for state assessments.
    • ●  Teachers work with the district to develop district-wide math and ELA curriculum.
    • ●  Teachers will use PLC time continuously address curriculum and update common
    • ●  Student Growth smart goals will be developed during the TPEP and PLC process.
    • ●  Implement new GRADUATION PATHWAYS.
      Leadership Strategies:​
    • ●  Principal will work with Learning Improvement Team to establish progress monitoring and develop building goals.
    • ●  Principal will consistently monitor curriculum and assessments through the evaluation process, walkthroughs, and PLC support.
    • ●  Principal will work with CTE Director to develop new career pathways. 

    Growth Monitoring:​

    • Teachers will use quarterly Smarter Balanced interim assessments in ELA and Math.
    • Teachers will set classroom and small group student growth impact goals.
    • Teachers will evaluate SBAC assessment claims in order to identify student ELA and math strengths and weaknesses.
    • Teachers will use the PLC Cycle of Inquiry to discuss and monitor student growth.

    Goal #2 - Reach 90% High School Graduation Rate
    Action Strategies​:

    • ●  LAP targeted instruction in English, math, and science courses.
    • ●  Credit Retrieval and study skills courses.
    • ●  Summer School.
    • ●  Open Doors and GED preparation.
    • ●  Implement on-line High School and Beyond Plans. 

    Leadership Strategies:​

    • ●  Provide para support to teachers in credit retrieval and study skills.
    • ●  Provide para support in math and ELA courses.
    • ●  Meet monthly with the Learning Improvement Team to discuss ongoing curriculum
      and assessment strategies along with appropriate student placement. 

    Growth Monitoring:​

    • ●  Track monthly meeting of counselor in order to monitor graduation progress of all juniors and seniors (credits and assessments).
    • ●  Annual review of Washington graduation and assessment requirements.
    • ●  Weekly Mentoring used to create High School and Beyond Plans, and
      support continuous academic improvement of all students.

    Goal #3 - 85% 9th Grade Course Pass Rate

    Action Strategies​:

    • ●  Identify appropriate tiered intervention by using assessment, attendance, and academic achievement data.

    Leadership Strategies:​

    • ●  Provide monthly PLC time for 9th grade intervention specialist and 9th grade core
      teachers to meet and discuss 9th grade success strategies.
    • ●  Meet weekly with  9th Grade Intervention Specialist to discuss
      at-risk students.
    • ●  Meet quarterly with 9th grade class to discuss effective citizenship and academic

    Growth Monitoring:​

    • ●  Monthly meetings with Tier 2 students and 9th grade Intervention Specialist and/or 9th grade counselor.
    • ●  Quarterly meeting with all 9th graders, principal, counselor, and 9th intervention specialist.
    • ●  Quarterly sharing and discussion of 9th grade success data with all staff.
    • ●  Weekly academic progress checks of all 9th grade students.
    • ●  Weekly meetings and parent contact with Tier 3 students (Intervention Specialist).

        Goal #4: Increase College and Career Post Secondary Placement

    Action Strategies

    • ●  Implement on-line High School and Beyond Plans in Mentoring class..
    • ●  Assist each student in developing a Personal Career Graduation Pathway.
    • ●  Administer career interest and learning style inventories.
    • ●  Provide academic and career counseling services.
    • ●  Host college and professional visitations.
    • ●  Offer EWU College in the Classroom.
    • ●  Attend career days at local colleges.
    • ●  Host college admissions speakers
    • ●  Host local businesses for career forums and presentations
    • ●  Promote and monitor College Bound student progress
    • ●  Provide ASVAB to 9th-11th grade students.
    • ●  Provide FAFSA night for parents.

    Leadership Strategies

    • ●  Work with counselor to provide professional training opportunities.
    • ●  Invite numerous professional organizations to meet with student groups at MWHS.
    • ●  Complete post-graduate placement survey.
    • ●  Support Charger Mentoring Program.
    • ●  Maintain active Parent Advisory Council.

    Growth Monitoring

    • ●  Evaluate post- graduate survey data in order to monitor and adjust current programs.
    • ●  Evaluate fall and spring student-led conference data in order to evaluate student
    • ●  Track current FAFSA completion rates.

    Goal #5: Close Achievement Gap on Standardized Testing

    Action Strategies

    • ●  Identify appropriate student group using Free and Reduced Lunch statistics.
    • ●  Compare ELA and math SBA scores of low income and non low income students. Leadership Strategies
    • ●  Provide targeted instruction in math and ELA for selected students.
    • ●  Provide mental health, academic and counseling support to targeted students.
    • ●  Provide academic intervention and strategies to improve performance.

    Growth Monitoring

    • ●  Evaluate classroom progress monitoring and growth data.
    • ●  Compare SBA ELA and math scores annually.


    for 9th -12th grade students.


    Mary Walker High School has been awarded the 2015 AND 2016 School of Distinction award for being one of the 5% highest improving schools in the State of Washington for Increased Reading/Math achievement and Graduation Rates over the past five years.  Congrats to MWHS Staff and Students! 

    Mary Walker High School
    2015 School of Distinction
    Silver Award  
    MWHS Named Among Best High Schools
    Receives 2015 Silver Award
    (U.S. News & World Report)

    MWHS Receives WA Achievement Award for 2nd Consecutive Year!
    2014 Washington Achievement Award Banner  



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