• MWSD Student Acceptable Use Policy


    1.   Students will not use the system to access or provide material that is:

    • profane or obscene

    • contains nudity

    • advocates illegal acts or violence

    • advocates discrimination towards other people

    • provides information for the construction, manufacture or use of dangerous or illegal weapons, drugs or other illegal materials or items

    • provides information on illegal, prohibited, or unsanctioned access to computer systems or any other techniques or procedures for this type of activity.

    2.   Students will not make any attempt by any means to:

    • bypass the District’s Internet filtering service, including Proxy Avoidance websites

    • attempt to gain access to sites already blocked by the District’s web filtering service

    • attempt to breach network security, gain access to another person’s files, or in any way go beyond your authorized access

    • attempt to access resources, features, content or controls of the information technology facilities or other computer systems that are restricted, confidential, privileged or that you are otherwise unauthorized to use.

    • delete, circumvent, or obscure records of user history and activity

    • damage or alter the operation, functions, or design of the information technology facilities or content of any other computer network

    • disguise one's identity, impersonate other users, or send anonymous email messages

    3.   You will immediately notify a teacher or the system administrator if you have identified a possible security problem. Do not go looking for security problems, because this will be construed as an illegal attempt to gain access.

    4.   If you mistakenly access inappropriate information, back out immediately.  Tell the supervising staff member what happened in order to protect yourself from being charged with illegally accessing inappropriate material. Also, you must notify your teacher or other adult whenever you come across information or messages that are dangerous, inappropriate or make you feel uncomfortable.

    5.   Copying and/or downloading commercial software or other material (e.g. music) in violation of federal copyright laws is strictly prohibited, as is the use of the network for political activity or financial gain.

    6.   Student use of chat rooms, instant messaging, list-services, or commercial on-line services and other information services are not allowed unless it is part of a school assignment.  The use of myspace.com or other similar online virtual community and networking sites is strictly forbidden.

    7.   Students will not play games online, access song lyric, game cheat or joke sites, or download music from the Internet unless it is part of a school assignment.

    8.   Students shall not attempt to access web mail (such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc.) with District computers unless given express permission by a teacher and the District Technology Director.  All e-mail will be done through the school provided Gaggle accounts. The sending of e-mail bomb messages, viruses, or spam inside or outside of the school is strictly forbidden.

    9.   The use of e-mail or the network to bully, harass, or intimidate another person will result in immediate disciplinary action.  Such harassment includes slurs, jokes, profanity, obscene remarks or any attack directed at an individual’s gender, race, national origin, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation. 

    10.  Vandalism will result in the cancellation of user privileges. Vandalism includes the intentional uploading, downloading or creating of computer viruses and/or any malicious attempt to harm or destroy district equipment or materials or the data of any other user.

    11.  Your parents should instruct you if there is additional material they think would be inappropriate for you to access.  The district expects that you will follow your parent’s instructions.

    12.  The Internet shall not be used for non-school related or non-school approved activity during school hours. 

    13.  Students should never make appointments to meet people in person that they have contacted on the Internet.  You will not post or retrieve personal information about yourself, minors, or any other person. Personal information includes but is not limited to your home or school address, phone numbers or other identifiable data.

    14.  Students will not share their login or password information with other students.  Doing so will result in having computer privileges revoked for an amount of time to be determined by the Administration.  Students will be held responsible for all activity that occurs under their login.

    15.  Students will not use anyone else’s username and password to login to school computers or to attempt to gain access to the District’s network.  Doing so will result in having computer privileges revoked for an amount of time to be determined by the Administration. 

    16.  A signed Computer Access and Use Agreement Form must be on file with the District before a user will be allowed access to any services outside the District (the Internet, online services, etc.).  Any user identified as a security risk or having a history of problems with other computer systems may be denied access to the Internet

    17.  Violation of any of the conditions of use may be cause for disciplinary action (including revocation of computer privileges, suspension or expulsion) or even prosecution by law. 

    18.  For security and administrative purposes, the District reserves the right for authorized personnel to review system use and file content.  The network and all equipment used to access said network or the Internet are owned by the Mary Walker School District.  Users have no reasonable right to privacy when using any District equipment.

    19.  The District reserves the right to remove a user account or prohibit user access to the system for any reason that is deemed a direct threat to computer or network security or to prevent further unauthorized activity.

    The use of computers and the Internet at school is to be considered a privilege and inappropriate use will result in restriction or revocation of those privileges.


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    Updated 05/09/2006

Last Modified on October 16, 2008